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Love Your Sweat - A FRÉ Skincare Collaboration

Let’s get SWEATY!

I am SO happy to partner with FRÉ Skincare in this amazing summer sale so that you can start loving FRÉ as much as I do!

Never have I actually ENJOYED getting my “sweat” on without the fear of developing breakouts - until I tried FRÉ Skincare. (Psst - did you know that it’s the first skincare range specially formulated for skin that SWEATS!?) Whether I’m working hard at the gym, or just enjoying life in the summer sun, FRÉ transforms my sweat into a hydrated, healthy glow that protects me from sun damage with an ultra-light SPF30 and clears my skin too!

The best part?

For every single 123FRÉ set sold, an Argan tree is planted in Morocco to GIVE BACK to nature & help empower the women who harvest the Argan oil used in these products. (And 5,000 trees have already been planted this year!)

FRÉ is so much more than just a skincare brand. It is a movement for REAL, sweaty & active women who not only celebrate their triumphs (their glow), but also embrace their struggles (their sweat), for a better self and a better world.

For the next 48 hours, click HERE to take 25% OFF your first 123FRÉ skincare set + get FREE Shipping. (Make sure to use my code LNIC at the checkout!)

Join the #FREMovement and feel what it truly means to #loveyoursweat!

With love and wellness,

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