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Larissa Nicole Fitness x FemEvolve Magazine

I’ve been waiting to gush allllllll about this collaboration for months now, and can’t believe that this day has finally come! I am pleased and excited to announce that I am the official COVER MODEL in Issue 7 of FemEvolve Magazine.

FemEvolve is a science-based women’s health, wellness & lifestyle magazine that is taking the online magazine world by storm. (They also DELIVER hard copies straight to your door if you prefer holding onto your mags, like me!) FemEvolve covers every area of living a well-balanced life, including taboo topics most magazines tend to shy away from - such as menstruation, sex and intimacy - because we ALL deserve to discuss these topics in a trusted environment, learn about the real research behind them and hear authentic stories from inspiring female role models in our world today.

I met Christina, the gorgeous creator and CEO, at a conference earlier this year. I was so honoured when she contacted me weeks later saying that she was stunned to hear about my transformation and wanted to know more. (And let me tell you… she learned a LOT more!)

This interview is the MOST PERSONAL I’ve ever gotten about all the past childhood traumas and experiences that led me to becoming the woman I am today. It delves into some serious issues - such as growing up with a heart defect, the impact of bullying, family values, extreme weight loss, mental health and so much more!

Never in a million years did I think I’d ever make it into a magazine, let alone be asked to be the cover model - and yet here I am. Being a cover model has taught me so much about what it means to be a fierce, independent business woman, and I’m truly grateful to have been given a platform that allows me to connect with other women - whether they may be going through similar hardships, or simply looking for a burst of motivation that will help encourage them to become their best selves.

Click HERE to read the digital copy of Issue 7 for FREE! (Print copies can also be purchased via this link on their site as well.)

Thank you all for your continued support! You guys have no idea how much you mean to me, and I am forever grateful for you all. Love my tribe.

With love and wellness,

Special thanks to Simone Lyn for her stunning photography.

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