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Monthly Goal-Setting - July 2018

Wow. Where has the time gone!? Can you believe we’re halfway done the year already? Last month was such a blur that I actually MISSED filling out my goal-setting prompts, but I’m determined to start things back up again this month.

If you’re like me, evaluating last month’s accomplishments & setting goals and intentions for the month ahead is the BEST way to truly assess your progress as the year rolls on. You get to celebrate the things you did well, reflect on the things that need improvement and focus on how much further you have yet to go.

What are your goals and intentions for July!? Comment BELOW!


That I accomplished...⠀

• Becoming the cover model for the July issue of @femevolve magazine

• Following my upcoming #StrongerEverAfter program with my Beta babes!

• Getting to witness all of my amazing clients’ successes

That I struggled with...⠀

• Worrying too much - especially things that are beyond my control

• Letting the small things bring me down

• Mindlessness vs. Mindfulness (running on autopilot)

That I still want to achieve...⠀

• Completing my #StrongerEverAfter program (one week left!)

• Developing my business, marketing & social media strategy


Continue doing...⠀

• Daily goal-setting, positive affirmations & non-negotiables

Start doing...⠀

• Being more mindful and learning to slow down

Stop doing...⠀

• Allowing the little things to affect my mood/emotional control


What major thing do I want to focus on/achieve this month?⠀

• Fully booking up my Online & In-Person client availability!


If the 'big ask' is achieved, how will I celebrate?⠀

• Investing in some self-care. Doing all of the things I’ve been putting off.

MY 'WHY':⠀

What is the underlying purpose behind WHY I want to achieve this goal?⠀

• I want to be able to reach a wider audience so that I can help MORE people reach their own goals. I truly believe that I can make a positive impact on all women currently struggling with their health, fitness & mindset. We are NOT alone, and we don’t have to do it alone either.

PS - These goal-setting prompts were inspired by the wonderful Karlyn Percil's "Success Planner" which I use daily (and absolutely love!). Check out her stuff HERE!

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