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4 Ways To Prioritize Your Goals When Things Seem To Be Going Too Fast

Hey friends! Happy Friday! 

Is it just me, or did this week just fly by? Frankly, I think this entire MONTH is flying by, but maybe that’s just me…

If you’re feeling the same way, this is just a friendly reminder that it’s okay to TAKE A BREAK when things start to feel like they’re going too fast. When the days start to blur together and responsibilities seem to slip through the cracks. When you’re feeling like there’s not enough time to get everything done and things start to get overwhelming, just remember to take a step back and allow yourself to do the following:

1.  BREATHE - Be still, be silent & just breathe. Conscious breathing helps to refocus the mind when you’re feeling overwhelmed and can’t think straight.

2. PRIORITIZE - It is completely OKAY if not everything gets done on your list. Start by tackling the big things in the morning, work on the smaller things in the evenings and move the things that aren’t a “today” priority to tomorrow.

3. DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT - If you're spending way too much time stressing about every little detail, this is your wakeup call that DONE is better than perfect. Whether its doing a specific task, putting something you've worked on out into the world, making an announcement, etc - getting it OUT THERE is way more valuable than waiting until it's "perfect".

4. FIND PEACE - At the end of the day, I think it’s so important to find peace in knowing that we are all doing our absolute best, and having that be enough.

What strategies do you guys use when things seem to be going too fast? 

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