How To Eat Healthy Without Tracking Macros

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One of the biggest struggles I’ve heard from you all when it comes to getting your nutrition in check is whether or not to track calories and macronutrients.

There are some of us that absolutely LOVE it - because it gives us a sense of control. TRACKING EVERYTHING allows us know exactly what we’re putting into our bodies, making it easy to feel like we’ve got it allllll figured out.

On the other hand, there are many of us who DON’T - whether we can’t find the time, struggle to remember to write things down or just can’t seem to develop a non-obsessive relationship with the whole “tracking” thing. We prefer to use PORTION CONTROL to ensure we’re eating enough of each nutrient, but still allowing us more freedom than tracking does.

To top things off, we’re all so busy nowadays - we’ve got work, friends, family & other personal obligations. And, when we’re not expected to be somewhere, we’re grinding for our own goals, dreams and ambitions. It seems like it’s almost impossible to fit our individual fitness and nutrition goals into the mix without sacrificing something else along the way - and tracking everything seems to complicate things even further.

I get it. Believe me. Tracking macros is DEFINITELY not for everyone, and it shouldn’t be the only way to ensure you’re seeing results.

That’s why I’ve put together a FREE downloadable guide that contains some of my FAVE strategies on how to eat healthy using PORTION CONTROL so that you can still feel good about reaching your goals!

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