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Celebrate FRÉ Day With Me!

Hey fit babes! I've got an AMAZING announcement for you guys: Today is not just the first day of summer, it's also FRÉ Day!

FRÉ Day is THE day to embrace women's empowerment, beauty in motion and giving back to the Earth. Today @freskincare will DONATE 1% of ALL proceeds made from their 123FRÉ skincare set to the daughters of the Izourane Argan Women Cooperative located in Southwest Morocco so that they can attend a high-quality summer camp, gain new skills & meet educators that will literally CHANGE THEIR LIVES.

How incredible is that!?

You guys already know how much I love brands that actually stand for something. But, beyond that, I've been using FRÉ skincare for a few months now and it's been slowly transforming my skin. It's more resilient to irritation, looks more youthful & I always have this healthy glow that's completely MAKEUP FREE.

That’s why I am so happy to offer you all the best FRÉ offer of the year: 50% OFF!!!

You'll receive all THREE amazing skincare products (a $115 value) for only $57. But HURRY - this offer is only valid for the first 1000 SETS SOLD today!!

So go ahead - celebrate FRÉ Day with all the women you LOVE, share your secrets to healthy, hydrated, youthful-looking skin, get ACTIVE, enjoy the SUNSHINE & be the fearless, strong and incredible women you all are.

Click HERE to get your 50% off discount & use the code LNIC at checkout!

My gift to YOU this summer is healthy, hydrated & glowing skin, no matter how sweaty you get.

With love and wellness,

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