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How To Make A Lasting Change

Recently, I’ve been getting messages that bring up important topics, like:

“I’ve been working out consistently, but I haven’t been seeing any progress.”

“I try my best to eat healthy, but then I slip up and feel like everything is ruined.”

“I feel like I’ll NEVER be able to have my ideal body.”

Sound like you? If so, read on.

I’ll be honest with you all: change definitely doesn't come easy, but it IS possible - for ANYONE. It’s not genetics. (Although some people have it a lot easier than others.) There is nothing “wrong” with you.

But, you are doing something wrong - and that’s always a tough pill to swallow.

See, you may be working out consistently & eating healthy, but then, you end up PUNISHING yourself and destroying your self-worth whenever you “slip up”. It becomes this sick cycle that you feel you can never free yourself from.

Sound familiar? Believe me, I’ve been there.

Although you’re making changes to your physical body (which is great!), you still haven’t changed your MIND. And no matter how much you work out & eat healthy, if you're fostering an unhealthy relationship with food & exercise, you will NOT change. The true secret to lasting change is being able to harness all three - nutrition, fitness & mindset. And let me tell you, that last one is the most DIFFICULT piece of the puzzle.

You are not a failure because you made a mistake. You didn’t ruin your progress because you ate something unhealthy. You are not destined to look a certain way for the rest of your life. You’re just sabotaging yourself by believing it.

You have to learn to be as mentally strong as you are physically, if not more. Every day isn’t going to be perfect, but it’s having an understanding with yourself that despite those bad days, despite all the slip ups & less-than-perfect moments, you’re gonna keep going because it’s WORTH IT.

Forgive yourself for the slip-ups. Keep going despite all the mistakes. Eventually, those good moments will start to outweigh the bad. You’ll pick up momentum. You’ll make better choices. You’ll be happier and more understanding with yourself. Soon, all of those good moments will add up to something incredible and you’ll look back at your journey and realize you had it within yourself all along.

All you had to do was TRUST the process, FORGIVE your mistakes and KEEP GOING, no matter what.

You can do it. I know you can.

With love and wellness,

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