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Why Eating Carbs After A Workout Is Actually GOOD For You

This may look like just another breakfast post, but this gorgeous, high-protein oat bowl is actually my POST-WORKOUT meal.

Yes, eating carbs after a workout is actually GOOD for you! Here's why...

While you're out there smashing a killer leg workout, your muscles are using up all of your glycogen stores as its primary source of fuel. This results in your muscles being (partially) depleted of glycogen.

(To simplify things a little... glycogen = glucose = sugar = carbs.)

After your workout, all your body REALLY wants is to rebuild its glycogen stores so that it can work to repair and rebuild the muscles you've worked. That's why eating the right nutrients (protein & carbs) post-workout can help your body get this done faster.

Doing this helps your body:

  • Decrease muscle protein breakdown

  • Increase muscle protein synthesis (growth)

  • Restore glycogen stores

  • Enhance overall recovery

Eating carbs can also take you from feeling wiped out after a brutal workout to feeling energetic and well-fuelled. It can also help to satisfy cravings for sugary/starchy carbs later on in the day without making a negative impact on your diet. (Just make sure you're still eating within your macros for the day!)

What's your favourite post-workout meal? Comment BELOW!

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