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5 Powerful Reminders When Starting Any Fitness Journey

Soooo excited to start my BETA babes on their first week of my upcoming Stronger Ever After fitness challenge!

As these girls start my new program tomorrow, I thought I would share some important reminders that ring true when starting ANY type of fitness journey:

1. Only YOU Have The Power To Change Your Life

Your life, your compass. If you aren't happy with the way things are, it's up to you to make the decision and take active steps toward changing it. Nobody else can change it for you. Remember that.

2. It's All About The JOURNEY, Not The Destination

Although it's always important to have goals, don't get hung up about the numbers - whether it's on the scale, the amount of reps you can perform, or weight you can carry in the gym. Those things don't matter as much as the way exercise and eating healthy will truly make you FEEL.

3. Don’t Rely On MOTIVATION To Get You There

Instead, really focus on developing the tools and skills you need to continue pushing yourself in the gym and making (and eating!) healthy, balanced meals even when the motivation ISN’T there. Because it won’t always be.

4. Trust The PROCESS

There will be moments when it seems like nothing is changing fast enough. Your mind will tell you to eat that cookie. Your body will tell you to quit. But, trust the process and keep going regardless - and I promise, you will reap the benefits in the long run.

5. LOVE YOURSELF, Through It All

Passionately, unconditionally, endlessly. Through all the good times and bad. Learn to love yourself and all of the incredible things your body can do. Because you are SO worthy of achieving your dreams.

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