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Move Over, Skinny: Healthy Is The New Hot

Hey, fitfam! I have some pretty exciting news to share with all of you.

I’ve OFFICIALLY joined the Healthy Is Hot family as one of their newest Writers/Contributors!

Healthy Is Hot is the beautiful lovechild of eTalk Reporter, Chloe Wilde & Simona Vinti, after Chloe was thrown into a whirlwind of being on the road and in the spotlight for the first time after becoming a Much Music VJ. Unfortunately, Chloe realized how quickly she had started putting her own health and wellness on the back burner. As a result, she began using the hashtag #healthyishot when going to the gym to remind herself that HEALTHY was always the goal - not being pretty, or skinny, or athletic, or any other aesthetic preference - no matter what other influences she may encounter.

I actually met Chloe at a business conference last month. She spoke to us about her journey having a background in neuroscience to becoming the next Much Music VJ, and now a Reporter for eTalk. She told us that what initially started as a passion project simply to hold herself accountable and serve as a reminder to keep HEALTH at the focal point of everything she does, eventually became something so much MORE and grew into a full-blown brand and fitness movement - a story I’ve recently become all too familiar with. Fuelled by her own passion for health and wellness, she started Healthy Is Hot to empower other women to focus on being HEALTHY - body, mind & soul.

Like Chloe, I feel so connected to the #HealthyIsHot lifestyle because I, too, have been on the opposite end of the spectrum. I was that girl who always wanted to be skinny or thin or pretty or perfect - but having gone through my own physical and mental transformation, I’ve learned that there is SO MUCH MORE to health than simply working out and eating nutritious meals. Being truly healthy is being able to balance all facets of your life - your fitness, nutrition, mental health, personal development and overall wellbeing.

That’s why I am such an advocate for being healthy over being pretty or skinny. Because STRONG is the new sexy, and HEALTHY is the new hot.

To learn more about Healthy Is Hot, click HERE!

PS - Be sure to look out for my articles on the Healthy Is Hot website next month! I’ll be contributing articles to their blog on a regular basis throughout each month pertaining to all areas of health, fitness, nutrition, wellness & so much MORE.

With love and wellness,

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