Monthly Goal-Setting - May 2018

New month, new goals!

Most of you already know how much I absolutely LOVE goal-setting at the beginning of each new month. It’s the best way to keep my goals in check, to reflect on my past achievements, celebrate my wins & hold myself accountable for things I haven’t accomplished just yet.

And, what better way to TRULY celebrate my wins & hold myself accountable than by sharing my monthly goals and reflections with all of you!?

Click HERE for a blank, downloadable version of my monthly goal-setting & evaluation prompts that you can fill out for yourself!


That I accomplished...⠀

• launching my website & personal training biz!

• hosting my first giveaway on Instagram

• signing on two new & incredible clients

That I struggled with...⠀

• mental and emotional control

• not truly celebrating my accomplishments

• having very high expectations & being ridiculously hard on myself

That I still want to achieve...⠀

• filling up my schedule with (even more) incredible clients!

• launching my first eBook

• finishing my second cut