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What "Strength" Means To Me

I don’t know what it is, but lately it seems like the world has been going through so much hurt - on a global scale, a national scale, and even within friends, families & loved ones too.

I really wanted to acknowledge the recent disaster in the North York/Toronto region. My heart goes out to everyone affected - to all the families who lost loved ones in the attack, I pray that you are still able to love without limits, trust without fear and see the goodness in others. Although your wounds may never fully heal, may you find peace and comfort during this tragedy knowing that a nation is standing WITH you, united & strong.

So, in the spirit of being stronger than our obstacles, I wanted to share a few thoughts about what STRENGTH means to me:

  • Strength is not measured by the hours we spend in the gym, nor the muscles we can see on our body. True strength comes from WITHIN. It’s the fire inside that tells us to keep going even when we want to quit.

  • Strength lies in our ability to work WITH others, not against them - to join forces, to lift others up, and to reinforce others’ weaknesses. Because we are always, stronger when we work TOGETHER than we ever are divided.

  • Strength is setting achievable goals and working our assess off to reach them, but also taking the time to listen to our MIND & BODY. Just like our muscles cannot grow without rest, strength is knowing when to take breaks and giving ourselves the care we need when things get too overwhelming.

  • Strength is our ability to admit we were WRONG - to own up to our own faults, flaws and mistakes, and to make the conscious effort to become a better version of ourselves every single day.

  • Strength is found not in how much weight we can carry, money we can make, or people we can influence BEFORE we fail. True strength lies in our ability to pick ourselves up AFTER we fail and try again, and again, and again.

This is dedicated to everyone who is struggling right now. I hope it inspires you to discover the true strength we all hold within ourselves. And remember: this too shall pass.

Which of these points resonated with you the most? Comment BELOW!

With love and wellness,

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