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How To Avoid Burnout And Still Stay On The Right Track

Sometimes having so many things on the go - whether it’s work, exercise, school, or a combination of responsibilities - can be exhilarating. This onslaught of opportunity can work to our benefit by showing us how much we’re really capable of accomplishing, and further pushing us to achieve our goals. However, there are other times when the buildup of all of these responsibilities can work to our detriment and simply be WAY too much for us to handle.

So, how do we prevent burnout and ensure that we’re still headed in the right direction? I guess what it all comes down to is three things. Ask yourself:

  1. Do I look forward to doing this task - whether it’s your job, a workout, or anything else - when I wake up in the morning?

  2. Am I passionate about it?

  3. Does it add value to my life?

If you’ve answered “no” to any of these questions, it’s time to re-evaluate your current situation. We must decide whether to cut out this specific task completely, or to figure out a way to make it easier or better. Whether that means asking for help, taking a break, or changing direction completely, there are always other options that can help knock us back on course without having to burn through all of our resources in the process. So, the next time you wake up dreading that upcoming workout, or that class, (or your job for goodness sakes!!) ask yourself these three questions, and cut out anything that doesn’t either get you excited when you wake up, that you’re not passionate about, or that adds no value to your life. Trust me.

With love and wellness,

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