So, I made it my mission to lose the weight - and this time, for good.

I began my fitness journey knowing absolutely nothing about weight loss. I was convinced that restrictive eating, following cookie-cutter meal plans and doing lots of sweaty cardio would help me lose weight.


But, I was so wrong.

After years of failed weight loss attempts, I decided to do as much research into fitness and nutrition as possible - I tested new eating patterns, learned about various diet types, followed bikini competitors' programs, and even trained (and ate) like a bodybuilder.  Before I knew it, I was in the best shape of my life - and everything kind of "clicked".

Today, I am a Certified Personal Trainer and a soon-to-be Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) who believes in a balanced, sustainable approach to health & fitness – no diets, no “fit teas”, no short-term fixes.


Having lost over 60lbs and overcome traumas related to cardiovascular health, extreme bullying, and body dysmorphia over the course of my fitness journey, I now use my transformation story as a way to teach other women struggling with their weight how to become stronger, healthier & happier versions of themselves and that absolutely anything is possible with the right mindset.

Certified Personal Trainer, Transformation Coach, cookbook author and creator of the Stronger Ever After program.

Growing up, I was raised in an Italian household where pasta, cheese, bread and olive oil were frequent staples in my diet, and there was no such thing as portion control.


I struggled with my weight and body image throughout my childhood, was bullied almost every day and, over time, I began to absolutely hate my body.


In high school, I experimented with every "fad diet" and weight loss program I could find. I was exhausted, constantly hungry and obsessed with the scale and felt like I wasn’t in control of my own life.


When I started my first year of university, I was at my highest weight ever and absolutely hated my body.


I realized that I had missed out on so many opportunities in my life and felt like my weight was the reason why I was holding myself back from living it.